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Private séance

Contact the Spirits: A Private Séance with Chris Herren, Will Roberts, and our Psychic  of The Magic Wand Shop at Zucchinis. 



Welcome to "Contact the Spirits," a unique and mystical experience brought to you by Chris Herren and Will Roberts of Zucchinis, the renowned Magic Wand Shop. Our service is not just an event; it's a journey into the spiritual realm, a chance to connect with loved ones who have moved beyond our world.



What We Offer:

Choose your setting – the comfort of your home or the mystical back room at Zucchinis. Wherever you are, we transform your space into a conduit for spiritual encounters. Our service melds an enthralling show with a séance and psychic readings, creating a bridge to the spirit world.  With "Contact the Spirits," we bring the séance to you. Our event is a blend of an enthralling show, a spiritual séance, and insightful psychic readings, crafted to create a bridge between you and the spirit world.


                     The Experience:

Our evening begins with a captivating performance that sets the stage for spiritual connection. As the energy in the room heightens, we transition into the séance, guided by the expertise of Chris Herren and Will Roberts. Using time-honored techniques and a touch of magic, we open the gates to the beyond, inviting a profound interaction with spirits.


The psychic session offers personalized readings, tapping into the energies of your group and channeling messages from loved ones who have passed on. This segment is not just about communication; it's about closure, healing, and understanding.


Personalized for You:

To make this experience deeply personal and relevant, we provide a questionnaire for you to fill out beforehand. This allows us to tailor the evening to your group's energy and the specific loved ones you wish to connect with.






Invite Your Circle:

This intimate experience is designed for up to 10 friends, ensuring a personal and powerful connection for each participant. We handle the setup, transforming your space into a haven for spiritual contact. Or we can bring everyone to

"The Back Room" at Zucchini's 



Our Promise:

Contact the Spirits" is more than entertainment; it's a spiritual journey. We respect the delicate nature of this experience and approach every session with sensitivity, confidentiality, and a deep respect for the spiritual world. Our goal is to provide an evening of enlightenment, comfort, and a unique connection that transcends the physical realm.


Connect With Us:

Embark on this extraordinary journey and explore the unseen. Contact us to book your evening with the spirits, and let's unlock the mysteries of the beyond together.

Contact the Spirits

Where Magic Meets the Spiritual World.




(866) Magic11

Thanks for Contacting Us! We'll get back to you shortly.

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