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Magic Wand Shop @ Zucchini’s : A Magical Renaissance on Cannery Row

Magic Wand Shop @ Zucchini’s : A Magical Renaissance on Cannery Row

In a captivating evolution of its legacy, Zucchini’s and the Magic Wand Shop warmly announces its relocation to the iconic Cannery Row, famously celebrated by John Steinbeck. This move heralds a fresh era for the beloved emporium of enchantments, nestled in a locale renowned for its rich history and vibrant community spirit.

Now located at 660 Cannery Row, Suite 119 Monterey California. 

A New Sanctuary on Cannery Row

The new Zucchini’s is set against the historic backdrop of Cannery Row, imbuing it with a unique charm and an aura of wonder. The shop, a haven for magical explorers and wand aficionados, transitions seamlessly into its new environment, blending the mystique of magic with the legendary tales of the area. Here, amidst the echoes of John Steinbeck’s narratives, the shop opens its doors to a world where magic is alive and thriving.

Séance Cannery Row Show: Mystique by the Bay

Alongside the shop's relocation, the Séance Cannery Row Show embarks on its next chapter in a splendid new venue. Distinct from the nocturnal enchantments typically associated with séances, this experience unfolds under the gentle caress of Ocean front beauty, offering a unique blend of historical intrigue and mystical interaction. The séances, set against the picturesque Cannery Row, promise an unforgettable journey through time and beyond.

Daylight Magic at Steinbeck Plaza

In an exciting extension of its magical offerings, Zucchini’s will enchant Steinbeck Plaza with a series of daytime shows. Far from the realm of starlit performances, these events revel in the warmth and light of the sun, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in feats of magic and illusion in the heart of Cannery Row. This initiative not only celebrates the art of magic but also brings the community together in the spirit of wonder and discovery.

Artisanal Wands from the Heart of Monterey

At the core of Zucchinis’ enchantment are its custom magic wands, meticulously crafted from materials as storied as the shop’s new setting. Drawing from the natural beauty of the Monterey Peninsula, each wand is fashioned from wood gathered on local beaches and the depths of nearby forests, as well as timbers salvaged from historic shipwrecks. These wands are not merely tools of magic; they are relics of history, embodying the essence of the sea, the forest, and the enduring legacy of exploration and adventure.

Discover Magic Anew

We extend a heartfelt invitation to visit Zucchini’s and the Magic Wand Shop on Cannery Row, to explore the depths of your own magic, and to connect with the past through our séance experiences and daylight shows in Steinbeck Plaza. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece of magic uniquely intertwined with the essence of Monterey.

For more information and to begin your journey, visit us at [](

Call 702-481-5829

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Join us on Cannery Row, where history, magic, and community weave together into a tapestry of wonder and discovery.

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