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Mike Angel, The New Creative Magic Director at Zucchini’s Magic Wand Shop.

Zucchini’s Magic Wand Shop, a cornerstone of magic in California and famed for being the oldest magic shop in the state, is excited to announce the appointment of Mike Angel as the new Creative Magic Director. Mike brings a wealth of experience and a sprinkle of magic to his new role, having been an integral part of the shop's success for over a decade.

Magician Mike Angel, The New Creative Magic Director
Magician Mike Angel, The New Creative Magic Director

About Mike Angel

Mike Angel isn’t just any magician; he’s a true master of the craft. With an impressive tenure of 12 years at Zucchini’s, he is one of the original employees who has witnessed and contributed to the evolution of this iconic establishment. His journey at the shop started in its early days, and over the years, Mike has become a beloved figure among patrons and fellow magicians alike.

A Seasoned Performer

Magician Mike Angel
Magician Mike Angel

Beyond his responsibilities at the shop, Mike Angel is an accomplished magician who has captivated audiences with his spellbinding performances. He is currently the star of the resident show at the Magic Wand Speakeasy, where he delights spectators with his unique blend of magic and storytelling. His shows are not just performances but immersive experiences that leave the audience in awe.

Vision for Zucchini’s

As the new Creative Magic Director, Mike is set to infuse Zucchini’s Magic Wand Shop with fresh, innovative ideas while honoring the rich history that has made the shop a beloved destination for magic enthusiasts. His deep understanding of magic and his creative vision are expected to bring new products and experiences that will enchant both long-time patrons and new visitors.

Continuing the Legacy

Mike’s appointment is more than a new chapter in his career; it’s a continuation of a legacy that has made Zucchini’s a magical landmark. Under his direction, Zucchini’s is poised to remain at the forefront of the magic community, offering not only magic wands but also an enchanting experience for anyone who walks through its doors.

Zucchini’s Magic Wand Shop and the entire team are thrilled to welcome Mike Angel in his new role as Creative Magic Director. They invite all magic lovers to visit the shop and experience the wonder and creativity that Mike brings to this magical institution.

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