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Party it up at the Magic shop! Experience the Enchanting World at Zucchinis Tricks and Things


Party it up at the Magic shop!

Experience the Enchanting World of Magic at Zucchinis Tricks and Things.

MONTEREY, CA - Dive into a realm of wonder and awe with the new birthday party and event packages available at Zucchinis Tricks and Things, the oldest Magic Shop in California. Ensuring a blend of mystique and nostalgia, the shop promises an experience that is both memorable and extraordinary.

With the all-new event space, hosts have the option to elevate the magical atmosphere by adding a variety of enthralling services:

- Magician Performance: Led by the accomplished Magician Chris Herren and Magician Will Roberts, guests will be enthralled by a captivating magic show customized for the party.


- Balloon Artist: Marvel as balloons take on intricate designs and delightful shapes right in front of the guests.


- Clown Entertainment: A sprinkle of whimsy with the resident clown ensures a fun-filled event that brings joy to both kids and adults alike.


- Special Access Card: This exclusive card unlocks the magic of Oscar's playground and the arcade, keeping the entertainment alive throughout the event.


- End-of-Party Birthday Bags: To cherish the magical moments, each guest will be gifted a special birthday bag filled with enchanting goodies.

"We're dedicated to creating an environment where magic is alive and memories are made," says Magician Will Roberts. "Our goal is to ensure that every event celebrated with us remains etched in the hearts of our guests."

Venue Details:

Zucchinis Tricks and Things

711 Cannery Row Suite H

Monterey, CA 93940

Phone: (866) Magic11

For bookings and further information, please contact:

Will Roberts

Phone: 866-Magic11

About Zucchinis Tricks and Things: Established as California's oldest Magic Shop, Zucchinis Tricks and Things has been the go-to destination for magic enthusiasts. Located in Monterey, it combines history with modern magic, promising an experience like no other.

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