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Zucchinis's Magic Wand Shop: A New Era of Enchantment on Patreon! Ready to make magic?

Welcome to a new chapter in the magical legacy of Zucchinis, now evolving as Zucchinis’s Magic Wand Shop - the oldest and most cherished magic shop in California. For 45 years, our doors on the historic Cannery Row have opened to a world of wonder, and now we're extending this experience online through our newly launched Patreon page!

A Portal to Magic, Now Online

Our Patreon is not just a page; it's a portal into the heart of magic. Whether you've been a long-time enthusiast or are new to the world of illusions, our exclusive Patreon experience is crafted just for you. You'll get behind-the-scenes access to magic's best-kept secrets and a front-row seat to spellbinding performances.

Live Magic in the Comfort of Your Home

We're thrilled to announce that our Patreon will feature shows like the acclaimed "Cannery Row" by Chris Herren and, of course, magic shows by the phenomenal Will Roberts. These aren't just performances; they're immersive experiences. As a member, you'll be transported to our backroom and intimate magic theater, dedicated to the art of live magic.

Membership Levels: Choose Your Magic

1. Audience Volunteer: Dive into magic tutorials, exclusive content, and enjoy discounts on performances, magic kits, and gags. It's your chance to be a part of the show, even from home!

2. The Assistant: You love magic, and we love your support! Receive special merchandise like a branded T-shirt or hat, along with all benefits of the Audience Volunteer tier.

3. The Box Jumper: Elevate your magic journey with more tickets to shows, private magic lessons, and surprise gifts. It's a step closer to the stage!

4. The Executive Producer: For the ultimate magic aficionado. Enjoy VIP access, an extensive magic box kit, and personalized magic lessons. This tier is your gateway to becoming a magic maestro.

Supporting the Legacy and Growth of Live Magic

By joining our Patreon, you're doing more than just enjoying magic; you're helping sustain the legacy of Zucchinis Magic Wand Shop. Your membership supports the growth of live magic and ensures that the oldest magic shop in California continues to thrive and enchant on Cannery Row.

We invite you to be part of this enchanting journey. Your support helps us carry on the tradition and magic that Zucchinis has been known for over the decades.

Join us, and let's keep the magic alive - together!



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