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Card Lasso

Card Lasso

SKU: H349705
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The magician shows three different size multicolored ropes. These ropes are folded in the hand and released. All the ropes have magically become the same size! And all three ropes are clearly and separately displayed at start and finish. Now the three ropes are tied into three separate rings. The rope rings are displayed and placed in the hand. The magician separates the three rings and they are magically linked together. An amazing penetration effect requiring no skill or fancy moves. Bonus Effect - The Card Lasso The magician has a card selected from a deck of cards. The card is replaced in the deck, and the deck is placed inside a paper bag. The magician then takes a piece of rope and lowers it into the bag. After wiggling the rope, he pulls the end out of the bag where it is seen he has amazingly lassoed one card. The card is revealed - it is the spectator’s selected card! Full instructions included!

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